Red Flags and Insider Tips for Working with Recruiters

Published on Jan 1, 1970

1 min read

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In this engaging conversation, experienced technical recruiter Kate Parton shares vital advice and insider tips for candidates seeking job opportunities in the tech industry. She discusses red flags to watch for, navigating compensation discussions, common misconceptions about the recruiting process, and how to make the most of your partnership with a recruiter. Discover the role of social media and the rise of AI in the hiring process. Kate shares valuable tips and advice on making your job search and interview process smoother and more successful. Tune in for an insider’s perspective on the world of recruitment and how to avoid common pitfalls! CHAPTERS -------- * [0:00]( Intro * [0:40]( What are some red flags that candidates should look out for? * [3:20]( Who does the recruiter really work for? * [5:25]( How can a candidate determine whether a recruiter understands their technical area? * [8:20]( What key questions should candidates ask to determine if the company’s a good fit for them? * [10:55]( When should you walk away from a job opportunity? * [15:17]( Talking about salary expectations * [18:16]( Common misconceptions candidates have about tech recruiters and the hiring process * [21:50]( Common mistakes that candidates make that ultimately cause them not to get the job! * [26:30]( Advice for women and underrepresented minorities * [30:50]( What role does social media play? * [34:54]( Impact of AI on Sourcing and Recruiting * [38:15]( Closing RESOURCES --------- * [\](\_description&redir\_token=QUFFLUhqa2NNb1BwaWhEeXJIVFhMeGtDWk91WmhHejFDQXxBQ3Jtc0tuN3B4dWtrWTRpMGpkRjVvUHh1QTFZaEx5dW5QcW16QXFFemtRUEJYbWpxQTNkQ2pjWlJFVklfMVA1cjRmWnpUbWIxb3U2ZzJTX2VpSHpIMTJrMmFVbjN6dUFad0VZWVd2Z3p4VDNLLUFEcVdGaUZEYw& * [\](\_description&redir\_token=QUFFLUhqbmdaSnpoMkx4UkY3alF1SjBKa3pyaUFWNVAtZ3xBQ3Jtc0tuMFM4eF9yeXFkNEtKdndPNl9QQnNyWGNWaGFKb2l1akJOVjhDeXROeGE1ZnFVZ1lublM0Z2x2bFkwSkt2YUZLS3FZMlJ5OGs2MUVSTmJZTmdZSVlNVnZDdFgtVTJydnRzR2g5UmhsRHVPQmhiamZwUQ&

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