How to Address Bias and Improve Diversity —Tacita Morway, CTO at Textio

Published on Sep 14, 2022

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Learn how to address bias and improve workplace diversity with Tacita Morway’s advice. As CTO at Textio, she is on the front lines of addressing discrimination and improving diversity. In this inspiring talk, Tacita shares her experiences with bias and offers practical advice for improving diversity in the workplace. She advises how to build a pipeline, interview in a non-biased way, the pitfalls of referral programs, and more. We uncover reasons underrepresented minorities, women, and marginalized groups often get stuck at the bottom of the hierarchy and leave and what we can do about it. This talk is a must-watch if you’re looking for ways to make your workplace more inclusive.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:21 The importance of inclusive job descriptions
  • 1:30 Besides the job description, what can hiring managers do to hire diverse candidates?
  • 4:15 What can people do to ensure that they’re interviewing in a non-biased way?
  • 6:20 How do you get diverse candidates in the pipeline?
  • 7:41 The risks of employee referral programs
  • 8:20 Tacita’s experience of a massive transformation in diversity and inclusion at a previous company
  • 11:11 Reasons underrepresented minorities, women, and marginalized groups get stuck at the bottom of the hierarchy and what you can do about it.
  • 15:34 Why members of these groups leave and how to reduce that
  • 19:00 Strategies that underrepresented groups try that don’t work to get them ahead
  • 22:14 Imposter syndrome
  • 26:42 Work-life balance
  • 32:22 Closing


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