Video and Slides from “Tough Interview Questions & How to Prep”

Presented to the Silicon Valley Engineering Leadership Community Meetup on April 16, 2020.

Typical Interview Questions for Engineering Managers. After looping through endless interviews for engineering manager roles, Vidal Graupera overviewed the gamut of questions he’d faced in this article

In this interactive workshop, Vidal will share the questions – and his own real life experience answering them – and interviewing for engineering manager roles.

You’ll come away from the workshop
• having discussed popular real-life interview questions asked when interviewing for an Engineering Manager position
• having looked at examples of good answers and not so good answers
• having, in small groups, worked through answers to the questions and shared experiences when interviewing for this role

Participants will leave better prepared for their next job interview.

Or if you are hiring an engineering manager, you’ll come away with ideas as to what you might ask a candidate yourself.


Direct link to YouTube video talk begins at 3 min 50 seconds.


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