Published on Jan 1, 1970

1 min read

* [**Everyday Leadership**](\_dudley\_everyday\_leadership?language=en) * [**Start with why — how great leaders inspire action | Simon Sinek**](\_VuA) * [**Tribal leadership**](\_logan\_on\_tribal\_leadership?language=en) * [**Dan Pink: The Puzzle of Motivation**](\_pink\_on\_motivation?language=en) * [**Chris Voss: “Never Split the Difference”**]( * [**The happy secret to better work | Shawn Achor**]( * [**How to speak so that people want to listen | Julian Treasure**]( * [**How miscommunication happens (and how to avoid it) – Katherine Hampsten**]( * [**How to Manage with Ben Horowitz**]( * [**Managing Software People and Teams – An Introduction**]( * [**If We’re Agile Why Do We Need Managers?**]( * [**Crash Course: Managing Software People and Teams**](

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