New eBook from ManagersClub – Engineering Leadership Interviews

Published on Apr 17, 2019

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Engineering Management Can Be A Lonely Place!

The chances today of engineering managers feeling overwhelmed, left behind, completely alone, or left out, are higher than ever as work demands go up and the rate of technological change and competition increases. We know learning the ropes can be challenging, intimidating, stressful. Here you will find reliable guidance through a rich collection of interviews from real-life engineering professionals that share their field-tested experiences! You will read the real-life stories of successful and ambitious engineering leaders who are focused to lead their teams to bigger and better outcomes.

How to Succeed in Engineering Management

Whether you’re taking your first steps in Engineering Management or looking to up-level your game with valuable knowledge, this book is a life saver. Avoid career-limiting mistakes and pitfalls by learning from the real-life experience of these successful managers. Helpful suggestions, approaches on the latest trends and advice from the engineering leaders will inspire, empower and guide you to meet your full potential, and take your game to a whole new level!

Topics including hiring, advice for managers just starting out, time management, how to face some of the biggest challenges that many managers face, and useful resources are contained in short, easy-to-follow interviews with 58 leaders from across the world. These interviews were collected from a website dedicated to sharing resources and experiences with the intent of inspiring and helping engineering managers learn and improve.

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