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How to Define the Strategy and Vision for Engineering Teams

How do engineering leaders conceive and document their teams’ strategy and vision? How do they best communicate that strategy to their teams? The recording and transcript are here: Next week ManagersClub is hosting its first live event in cooperation with Lohika on Tue, Apr…

What is a Fractional CTO with Morgan Craft

In this interview, I speak with Morgan Craft, a fractional CTO in NYC and founder of gitBabel. We discuss what a fractional CTO is, how someone can become one, the challenges, the business of being a fractional CTO, including how much money engineering leaders can make doing it. Morgan also shares some great advice on running a consultancy business and a startup, working with startups, time management, and book recommendations.

36 Inspiring Interviews with Women Engineering Leaders

This International Women’s Day, I’d like to acknowledge and thank all the extraordinary women engineering leaders featured on ManagersClub. Listen or read these 36 inspiring interviews with women engineering leaders. They are paving the way for change by breaking barriers at work and in their…

Being a Great Coach with Anjuan Simmons Engineering Coach at Help Scout

In this podcast, I talk with Anjuan Simmons, Engineering Coach at Help Scout. We discuss how an engineering manager is like a coach. Anjuan has some great advice for aspiring engineering managers. We discuss a key insight between dissatisfaction and satisfaction. He talks about his player-centric approach, unique approach to time management, as well as some great reading recommendations and critical insights.