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ManagersClub Podcast

Interview with John Hunter

Location: Virginia, USA Current Role: Management Consultant What’s your background and how did you get into management? From the start of my career, I was focused on how to improve the performance of the organization. I led efforts to use management improvement strategies and tools…

Newsletters and Email Lists for Engineering Managers

List of Newsletters and Email Lists focussed on engineering management. Software Lead Weekly A weekly email for busy people who care about people, culture, and leadership. Tech Leadership Weekly A curated collection of interesting and insightful articles about leadership, management, process, and innovation delivered to your inbox…

Example Company Handbooks And Policies

Here are some interesting and forward thinking company handbooks and policies where you might find inspiration for your team or company. GitLab team handbook Handbook for New Employees – Valve Basecamp Employee Handbook thoughtbot Trello Zaarly

Mega list of 1 on 1 Meeting Questions

Mega list compiled from a variety of sources. Contribute here also: About Manager Are there any obstacles I can remove for you? As your manager, what would you like me to stop, start, or continue doing? At what point in the past week were you…

(Online) Communities of Managers You Can Join

Silicon Valley Engineering Leadership Community. Primarily meets in the South Bay in Palo Alto. San Francisco Engineering Leadership Community (SFELC). This a large community with thousands of members. Holds large events in SF and also the South Bay. /r/AskManagement/ on Reddit Rand Leadership Slack Channel….