9 Little-Known Lists Every Engineering Manager Needs to See In Order to Become a Better Leader

Many amazing resources (articles, conference talks, presentations, books, videos, podcasts, etc.) are collected in the following curated lists, many of which are not widely known. Every engineering manager, director, CTO, VP, etc., should check out these free resource collections. While these resources are aimed towards managers in tech, they are possibly helpful to any manager.

After doing a search on Github, these nine projects emerged as the ones that seemed to be the most widely referenced and interesting to me. I was floored by what I found. I study engineering management and it will take me a long time to go through all of these. It’s like finding hidden treasure. Credit goes to all the amazing people who collected these. Enjoy!

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List of Engineering Manager Recource Colletions

Know of more, please share in the comments!

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