Morgan Craft Fractional CTO

What is a Fractional CTO with Morgan Craft

In this interview, I speak with Morgan Craft, a fractional CTO in NYC and founder of gitBabel. We discuss what a fractional CTO is, how someone can become one, the challenges, the business of being a fractional CTO, including how much money engineering leaders can make doing it. Morgan also shares some great advice on running a consultancy business and a startup, working with startups, time management, and book recommendations.

Trish Gray Portrait

Interview with Trish Gray, Head of Business Growth at Pinterest

In this interview (and podcast), with Trish Gray, Head of Business Growth at Pinterest, we discuss the 4D puzzle of management, Trish’s leadership goals, including a download to her leadership goals one-pager, plus techniques for coaching and mentoring your team. Trish has a huge passion for manager effectiveness, and we can all learn a lot from her.